January debriefing

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2017 is a mystery, but at least 2016 is history, amirite? Tuesday Funk #101 ushered in the new year with style, PER USUAL. Kelly Swails started us off with the first chapter of her YA novel, This May Go on Your Permanent Record, about a school for world domination, followed by a series of lyrical and moving poems by another Tuesday Funk veteran, Cameron McGill. Co-host Andrew Huff promised, in haiku form, to avoid 2017 haikus about T-R-U-M-P, and then Amy Sumpter had us roaring with her story about a rogue opossum and other brushes with the strangeness of adulthood.

Sal expertly refilled our boozes, and then we sat back down.

Co-host Eden Robins read a microessay about losing and then finding her voice, and then Dmitry Samarov shared an excerpt from his memoir about art-making and influential teachers. Finally, James Gordon finished off the night with a story about a Labor Day party gone horribly, horribly wrong.

And we'll be right back here next month for Episode #102 of Tuesday Funk on Tuesday, February 7th, featuring Deborah Siegel, Leonard Zawadski, Jenn Sodini, Molly Dumbleton, and Keidra Chaney!  

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