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November 2017 Debrief


Britt Julious November 2017 Tuesday Funk - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
The room at the top of the stairs at Hopleaf filled with expectant audience members, and the 110th edition of Tuesday Funk fully delivered on those expectations!

Henri Harps led us off with the tale of a jazz saxophonist who lost himself in the music. Next, Jeff Ruby shared an excerpt from his new middle-grade novel, Penelope March is Melting, then Britt Julious read an essay about trauma and recovery.

During intermission, bartender Slim refreshed everyone's drinks, and cohost Andrew Huff brought us back into the show with a found text poem about how to's.

Gint Aras then read a portion of his memoir about racism in Cicero, and Parneshia Jones closed out the evening with a selection of poems, including one that had everyone craving an Italian beef. Fortunately, there was plenty of food right downstairs.

We'll be back in the upstairs lounge at Hopleaf on Tuesday, December 5, with readings by James Gordon, Faisal Mohyuddin, Jasmine Davila, H. Melt and Tom Underberg. Hope to see you there!

Andersonville Arts Week Show Debrief


Karen Clanton at Tuesday Funk 109.5 - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
We had a blast at the special Andersonville Arts Week edition of Tuesday Funk, demonstrating the eclecticism of our format for an attentive audience who braved the rain to see us on a Saturday.

Leading us off, Karen Clanton read an essay about how she's saying "I usually don't, but..." a lot more as she's gotten older. Then Aaron Cynic railed against the administration and channeled a lot of the nihilism and rage a lot of folks have been feeling this year. Cohost Andrew Huff read a couple of his patented seasonal haiku, and Paul McComas and Maya Kuper took us into the intermission with a performance an excerpt of their alt-rock musical UNPLUGGED: A Survivor's Story in Scenes & Songs.

Bartender Jason refilled our drinks, and we settled back into the show with a prose poem by guest cohost Emma Terhaar. Benjamin Goluboff read a trio of poems from his forthcoming collection, and finally Kellye Howard read a portion of her memoir in progress.

We'll be back to our usual first Tuesday schedule with a show on November 7, featuring Parneshia Jones, Henri Harps, Jeff Ruby, Gint Aras and Britt Julious. Hope to see you there!

Photo by Aaron Cynic

Episode #109 Debrief


anne abel at tuesday funk - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
The weather was weirdly warm for October, and the feelings at Tuesday Funk were warm as well. Did you miss it? Well, here's what happened.

Anne Abel led us off with a personal story about depression, family and a dying pet, and Jeff Phillips followed up with a supernatural story about his dad. Then Norman Doucet explained the state of political affairs through heavy metal lyrics.

We refilled our drinks, then settled back in for the second half with a micro-essay by cohost Eden Robins about her relationship with her grandmother. Tom Haley read posts from "Steve's Cooking Blog" and Ines Bellina had us laughing and commiserating about how much the dating life -- and the expectations and advice others have for their single friends -- sucks.

We will be back for a special Andersonville Arts Week edition of Tuesday Funk on Saturday, October 14, with readings by Kellye Howard, Karen Clanton, Aaron Cynic, Benjamin Goluboff, and Paul McComas & Maya Kuper. And then we'll be back to our usual first Tuesday with a show on November 7, featuring Parneshia Jones, Henri Harps, Melody Kamali, Gint Aras and Britt Julious. Hope to see you at both shows!

Episode #108 Debrief


angel simmons at tuesday funk - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
September's Tuesday Funk was pretty incredible. In case you missed it, here's what went down.

Evan Stoner kicked things off with an excerpt of his book about becoming parents in a dystopian future, followed by a tale of a romantic betrayal from Angel Simmons. Cohost Andrew Huff read some of his patented haiku, then Mary Winn Heider told a spooky bit of her YA novel about a family business reanimating corpses.

After intermission, Michael Fischer shared a personal story about one of the people you meet in prison, and Lily Be closed out the evening by recounting a frustrating experience trying to save lives with no help from the police.

Join us at Hopleaf on Oct. 3 for readings by Ines Bellina, Norman Doucet, Tom Haley, Jeff Phillips and Anne Abel. See you there!

August 2017 Debriefing


tiffanygholar.jpg - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
After taking a break for the Fourth of July holiday, coming back to the upstairs bar in Hopleaf for the 107th edition of Tuesday Funk was a refreshing pleasure.

Jonathan Winston Jones kicked things off with a second-person narrative that interwove memories with present-day feelings and events. Then Tiffany Gholar read a passage from her book A Bitter Pill to Swallow. Alicia Swiz brought us to the intermission with a story of coming to terms with a breakup, only to have him pop back up right as she was over him.

Everyone refreshed their drinks, then settled in to hear Edward Moses tell the story of how he fell in love with rap -- and then gave us a sample of his own lyrical style. Hannah Gamble closed out the evening with a selection of poems, including a couple that referenced a recently departed friend.

So there you go -- if you weren't there, you missed a good one. But fret not! Video will be up on our YouTube page soon. And we'll be back at Hopleaf on Tuesday, Sept. 5 with readings by Mary Winn Heider, Michael Fischer, Angel Simmons, Evan Stoner and Lily Be. See you there!

June 2017 Debriefing


Lori Rader-Day at Tuesday Funk, June 2017 - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
The weather on Tuesday was great, and so were the stories at Tuesday Funk!

Juan Martinez led us off with a story from his book, Best Worst American, about the love not lost between family members. Next, Nadine Kenney Johnstone shared an excerpt from her book, Of This Much I'm Sure, followed by Elizabeth Gomez read an essay ranting about being questioned about "what she is," among other things.

We took a break to refresh our drinks, after which cohost Andrew Huff read a few of his topical haiku. Then Lori Rader-Day read a portion of her latest novel, The Day I Died. Finally, Scott Whitehair closed us out with a story about Niagara Falls.

We'll be taking a break in July since the first Tuesday happens to be the Fourth. But we'll be back on Tuesday, August 1 — stay tuned for news about our next stellar lineup! If you haven't yet, follow Tuesday Funk on Instagram for more photos from the shows. And hope to see you in August!

May 2017 Debriefing


maryannemohanraj.jpg - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
The weather outside was not very May-like, but Tuesday Funk warmed the upstairs lounge at the Hopleaf with stories both funny and serious -- and sometimes both simultaneously.

Mikki Kendall started us off by reading a portion of a new urban fantasy set in an ominous version of Chicago, and invited the audience to suggest a title. Next Shanna Shrum told the story of a very bad day with her beloved dog. Cohost Andrew Huff read a couple of his patented seasonal haiku, then Mare Swallow described a bizarre "show piano" class she took recently, with the assistance of her friend Dan Epstein.

After a short break to refill our glasses, cohost Eden Robins read a micro essay, then Mary Anne Mohanraj shared a portion of a new piece of science fiction as well as a romantic poem. Finally, Anne Elizabeth Moore read an excerpt from her new book, Body Horror: Capitalism, Fear, Misogeny, Jokes.

We laughed, we cried, we vowed to do it all again on Tuesday, June 6, except with Lori Rader-Day, Nadine Kenney Johnstone, Ihssan Tahir, Juan Martinez and Elizabeth Gomez! See you there!

April 2017 Debriefing


felixjung-april17.jpg - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
A misty April evening greeted the live lit faithful on their journey to Tuesday Funk on April 4, 2017. Felix Jung set the mood with a collection of poems, then Melissa Wiley carried it forward with a short story about baking and desire. Tracy Harford-Porter closed out the first half with a story about sisters.

We took a quick break to refill our drinks, and Nestor Gomez told two fun stories -- one about finding his sports niche as a Guatemalan immigrant in a Chicago high school, the other about a flashback while putting a new stereo in his car. Cohost Andrew Huff read some topical haiku, and Kellye Howard read an essay about her existential struggles as a young mother.

We'll be back in action on Tuesday, May 2 at Hopleaf, with readings from Mikki Kendall, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Mare Swallow and Alicia Swiz. Please join us!

March Debriefing


march2017.jpg - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
We had a blast at Tuesday Funk #103 on March 7! The show truly lived up to its tagline, with an eclectic lineup that covered the breadth of literary genres.

First, Edward McClelland gave us a lesson on the Chicago accent from his book How to Speak Midwestern,then Steve Bellinger read an excerpt from his science fiction novel, The Chronocar. Naomi Buck Palagi closed out the first half with a reading of poems, including one that involved two additional readers.

After the intermission, Lori Barrett read a funny short story about puppy love, and host Andrew Huff recited a couple topical haiku. Tori Szekeres closed the show with the story of an embarrassing typo made all too permanent.

We'll be back on Tuesday, April 4 for Episode #104, featuring readings by Felix Jung, Tracy Harford-Porter, Melissa Wiley, Kellye Howard and Nestor Gomez. Hope to see you there!

February Debriefing


molia_dumbleton.jpgIt didn't feel terribly much like February outside, but that didn't stop us from all getting cozy in the upstairs bar at Hopleaf for episode #102 of Tuesday Funk!

Jenn Sodini led us off with a funny-sad story about unexpectedly encountering refugees in Germany and Connecticut, then Leonard Zawadski read poetry. Cohost Andrew Huff followed up with a few seasonal haiku, then Keidra Chaney shared her theory that Morris Day and the Time are the true heroes of Purple Rain.

We took a break and Sal refilled everyone's glasses, and cohost Eden Robins welcomed us back with a micro-essay about the need for everyone to show up and participate in society. Next, Molia Dumbleton read a selection of short stories and poems. Lastly, Deborah Siegel described her tribulations and revelations in child-rearing.

We'll be back on Tuesday, March 7 for Episode #103, featuring readings by Lori Barrett, Steve Bellinger, Naomi Buck Palagi, Tori Szekeres and Ted McClelland. Hope to see you there!

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