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Lit Crawl 2018 Debrief


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Thanks to everyone who made it out for Tuesday Funk's special Lit Crawl Chicago episode! Sandwiched in between Junior Varsity and The Skewer in our usual room at Hopleaf, we did an abbreviated show on a lovely Saturday evening.

Annabel Lang got us started with a funny, bittersweet story about being "the only dyke in the wedding party." Next, Jan English Leary read two short pieces of fiction from her collection Skating on the Vertical. Then Kimberly Dixon-Mays shared a selection of poems, and Gina DeLuca closed out the show with a hilarious character sketch of a woman looking forward to celebrating her honeymoon taking Instagram photos in Paris.

If you missed it, don't worry, we'll have video up on our YouTube channel soon. And you'll have another chance to join us at Tuesday Funk very soon! We'll be back in the upstairs lounge at Hopleaf on Tuesday, Oct. 2, for readings by Jenny Hatchadorian, Henri Harps, Dipika Mukherjee, Angel Simmons and Hannah Gamble. Hope to see you there!

September 2018 Debrief


C. Russell Price at Tuesday Funk Sept. 4, 2018 - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
It was so lovely celebrating Tuesday Funk's 10th anniversary (observed) on Sept. 4. The upstairs lounge at Hopleaf was packed with live lit lovers, and the guests brought their A game. Plus, there were cookies!

Mare Swallow kicked everything off with a crushing story of a crush unrequited, then former cohost William Shunn shared poems from past Tuesday Funks and today. Juan Martinez closed out the first half with an excerpt from a novel in progress that left everyone wanting more.

We took a break to refill our glasses and eat some of those cookies, then cohost Andrew Huff read some of his topical haiku. JH Palmer read an essay about playing with gender roles as a child, and finally C. Russell Price delivered some powerful poetry.

If you missed the show, you've got two upcoming opportunities to make up for it. Tuesday Funk will be part of Lit Crawl Chicago on Saturday, September 22, at 5pm in our usual spot at Hopleaf with readings by Kimberly Dixon-Mays, Annabel Lang, Jan English Leary and Gina DeLuca. See Lit Crawl Chicago on Facebook for more info about other shows. And then we will be back to our usual schedule on Tuesday, October 2, with readings by Jenny Hatchadorian, Hannah Gamble, Dipika Mukherjee, Angel Simmons and Henri Harps. Hope to see you at one or both of those shows!

July 3, 2018 Debrief


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Let's be honest, when we scheduled a show for the night before the Fourth of July, we were a little worried nobody would show up. But wow, so many of you did! Thanks for packing the house, Tuesday Funk fans!

Episode 118 of your favorite eclectic monthly reading series got started with a pair of short essays on Barbie and self-image by Tiffany Gholar. Alison Thumel followed her with some fantastic poetry, then Ted McClelland shared the fantastical story of the Hodag from his new book Folktales and Legends of the Middle West.

Bartender Leah refilled everyone's drinks during intermission, then cohost Eden Robins read an essay about villainy and the current state of America, which you can read on the LA Review of Books' website. Next, Siobhan Adcock read an excerpt from her new dystopian novel set in Chicago, The Completionist. Closing out the evening, Mary Winn Heider shared a portion of her own brand-new novel, The Mortification of Fovea Munson.

Wish your summer involved more live lit? You're in luck. We're going to do it again on Tuesday, August 7, with readings by Mare Swallow, Dayna Bateman, Gina DeLuca, Annabel Lang and Kimberly Dixon-Mays. Hope to see you there!

June 2018 Debrief


Elizabeth Gomez at Tuesday Funk on June 5, 2018 - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
It was a lovely June evening, and Tuesday Funk #117 was in the air. The crowd settled in, and Mark Rader got us started with an excerpt from his forthcoming novel. Joshua Landsman followed with one of the parables from his book The Tale of The Teller of Tales, and Tracy Harford-Porter closed out the first half with a scene from a science-fiction novel in progress.

Bartender Leah refilled our drinks, and cohost Andrew Huff got the second half started with some haiku about his late grandmother. Then Sara Ross Witt shared a portion of the witchy YA book she's working on, and Elizabeth Gomez rounded out the evening with an essay about love and self-image.

If you weren't there, you missed a good one once again. But never fret, your favorite eclectic monthly reading series will be back in the upstairs bar at Hopleaf on Tuesday, July 3, with readings by Ted McClelland, Siobhan Adcock, Alison Thumel, Tiffany Gholar and Mary Winn Heider. There's bound to be fireworks — join us, won't you?

May 2018 Recap


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We had our own little spring festival at Tuesday Funk on May 1! Your favorite eclectic reading series started out with a short story by Rachel Z. Arndt, followed by witchy poems from Elizabeth Metzger Sampson. Felix Jung took us into the intermission with a short essay and a selection of poems.

After refilling our drinks, cohost Andrew Huff shared some of his topical haiku, then introduced Michi Trota, who shared an essay about racial representation in science fiction. Last but not least, James Finn Garner read an excerpt from one of his clown noir novels.

Did you miss it? We'll post video eventually, but in the meantime, plan on going to the Hideout on Tuesday, June 5, when we'll have readings by Mark Rader, Tracy Harford-Porter, Joshua Landsman and Elizabeth Gomez. See you there!

April 2018 Debrief


Levi Todd at Tuesday Funk - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
The weather was classically "Chicago in early spring," but your favorite eclectic monthly reading series kept everyone warm and dry in the upstairs bar at Hopleaf on April 3.

Kelly Swails started things off with an essay about the change of faith necessary to go from being a Cardinals fan to a Cubs fan. Next, Ruben Quesada read some deeply personal poetry, then Cinnamon Cooper shared a story of discovering freedom as a child in a domestic violence shelter.

We took a break, then cohost Andrew Huff shared a couple of his patented topical haiku, then Levi Todd recited poetry that both challenged and amused the audience. Finally, Nestor Gomez told a story about immigration, followed by a heartfelt poem about forgiveness.

Tuesday Funk will be back at Hopleaf on Tuesday, May 1 with readings by Rachel Arndt, James Finn Garner, Michi Trota, Elizabeth Metzger Sampson and Felix Jung. Hope to see you there!

March 2018 Recap


billy lombardo at tuesday funk - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
Bodies were an underlying theme in the 114th edition of Tuesday Funk on March 6. From abuse to disuse to idolization to reproduction, we heard it all in the upstairs lounge at Hopleaf.

Award-winning author Tony Romano started us off with an excerpt from his novel, Where My Body Ends and the World Begins. Next, David Daskal read an essay about Barbra Streisand's cloned dogs and their implications for humanity, then Jasmine Davila shared a story about attending actor James "Spike" Marsters' 50th birthday party with dozens of superfans.

After a break to refill our glasses, cohost Andrew Huff read a couple of his topical haiku, and Sahar Mustafah read a story about love and shisha. Finally, Billy Lombardo read part of an unpublished novel about unexpected childhood memories.

Tuesday Funk will be back at Hopleaf on Tuesday, April 3, and we hope you'll join us as we feature readings by Tracy Harford-Porter, Beyza Ozer, Nestor Gomez, Kelly Swails and Ruben Quesada. See you there!

February 2018 Recap


Molly Dumbleton reads at Tuesday Funk - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
Boy, if you weren't at Hopleaf for Tuesday Funk last week, you missed a great one. On the other hand, it was so packed, you might not have found a seat. Molly Rafferty led things off with a story of fuzzy feelings at a high school party. Next Rachel Hinton read poetry about cancer and plastic, and Molly Dumbleton shared an excerpt of a short story about a woman returning to her home town to clean out her dad's house and running into old friends.

We took a break to refill our glasses, then cohost Andrew Huff read a couple of his topical haiku and Lindsay Porter told a story about how childhood friends change over the years — or don't. Finally, Dave Reidy told the story of his grandfather's greatest triumph.

We'll be back at Hopleaf on Tuesday, March 6 for another edition of Chicago's favorite eclectic monthly reading series, featuring Tony Romano, Ruben Quesada, Sahar Mustafah, David Daskal and Billy Lombardo. Hope to see you there!

January 2018 Debrief


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>January 2 was the coldest night for Tuesday Funk in quite awhile, but that didn't stop a full house from showing up for Chicago's favorite eclectic reading series. And they were rewarded with some fantastic live lit.

Marcus Emanuel led off with a true story about what might have been a selkie. Next, Emma Terhaar read a short essay about making croissants and a couple of poems. Then Cameron McGill knocked us back with a set of spellbinding poetry, and we took a break to reflect and refill our drinks.

When we returned, cohost Andrew Huff shared a couple of his trademark seasonal haiku, and then Emily Belden read an essay about reconsidering her policy on forgiveness. Lastly, Jac Jemc told a tale of a couple looking for new friends to double date with.

Join us in the upstairs lounge at Hopleaf on Tuesday, February 6 when we'll feature readings by Molly Rafferty, Rachel Hinton, Molly Dumbleton, Lindsay Porter and Dave Reidy. Hope to see you there!

November 2017 Debrief


Britt Julious November 2017 Tuesday Funk - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
The room at the top of the stairs at Hopleaf filled with expectant audience members, and the 110th edition of Tuesday Funk fully delivered on those expectations!

Henri Harps led us off with the tale of a jazz saxophonist who lost himself in the music. Next, Jeff Ruby shared an excerpt from his new middle-grade novel, Penelope March is Melting, then Britt Julious read an essay about trauma and recovery.

During intermission, bartender Slim refreshed everyone's drinks, and cohost Andrew Huff brought us back into the show with a found text poem about how to's.

Gint Aras then read a portion of his memoir about racism in Cicero, and Parneshia Jones closed out the evening with a selection of poems, including one that had everyone craving an Italian beef. Fortunately, there was plenty of food right downstairs.

We'll be back in the upstairs lounge at Hopleaf on Tuesday, December 5, with readings by James Gordon, Faisal Mohyuddin, Jasmine Davila, H. Melt and Tom Underberg. Hope to see you there!

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