Introducing our new co-host, Eden Robins!

As announced at our November 5th edition, we'll have a new co-host soon joining the Tuesday Funk family. We're pleased to introduce Eden Robins! Eden is a great friend and supporter of Tuesday Funk who has read for us on...  read

November debriefing

The folks lucky enough to have squeezed into the upstairs lounge at Hopleaf for our November 5th edition of Tuesday Funk know what a fantastic time was had by all. But if you weren't there, let us break down the...  read

THREE Tuesday Funk hosts for the price of one!

Do you enjoy seeing two great Tuesday Funk hosts at every Tuesday Funk event? Pretty cool, right? What if I told you you could see three great Tuesday Funk hosts in one place on one evening? Super cool! That's just...  read

Co-host William Shunn appears twice this week!

Attention, Funkers! Our longtime co-host William Shunn will be appearing next week in not one but two of Chicago's most thrilling other reading series. They'll be on consecutive nights, no less, so please block out Tuesday and Wednesday evenings on...  read

Tuesday Funk likes Gapers Block ... and vice versa!

Tuesday Funk is proud to inaugurate its association with Gapers Block at our April 2nd reading, by welcoming Andrew Huff as our new co-host! Gapers Block is a Chicago-centric online publication founded in 2003 with the intent of getting people...  read

Not goodbye

As announced at February's Tuesday Funk, I, Sara Ross Witt, will be hosting this exciting reading series for my last time on Tuesday, March 5th. I cannot express how fun it has been to see this reading grow into what...  read

Meet Our Readers: Julia Borcherts

Julia Borcherts is a 2nd Story company member, a co-founder and co-host of the literary series Reading Under the Influence and The Chicago Way, a fiction writing instructor at Columbia College Chicago, a theater columnist for the RedEye, and a...  read

Hear Bill tonight on WGN Radio

Hey, Funkers! Our co-host William Shunn will be appearing tonight with Roosevelt University's Gary K. Wolfe on "Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg" on WGN Radio 720 AM. They'll be talking about science fiction—particularly today's release of the Library of America's...  read

Tuesday Funk likes 8 x 8

A few weeks ago, Andrew Huff of Gapers Block issued a fascinating challenge to Tuesday Funk co-host William Shunn: to take a piece of original poster art by Chad Kouri and produce a piece of writing of between 1,500 and...  read

Don't get stuck in the parking lot

Happy Monday, Funk buddies! Can you spot one of our elusive co-hosts, approximately nine years younger, in this recently unearthed 2004 segment from the Trio network television series Parking Lot? We'll give you one small hint: not in costume! But...  read
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