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Haiku by Andrew

Topical Haiku for November 2019


Tuesday Funk cohost Andrew Huff shared three haiku at the 133rd edition of Tuesday Funk on Nov. 5.

Snow on Halloween
hides pageantry and horror
under heavy coats.

Snow melts on pavement
leaving leaf-lined paths under
bowed tree branches.

Twitter just announced
it's banning -- no, not Nazis.
Political ads.

Haiku for August 2019


Cohost Andrew Huff read just three topical haiku at our 130th show, but they were enough to capture the month behind us.

The alligator
explores its strange new waters:
Humboldt Park lagoon.

Thirty to fifty
feral hogs, bloodthirsty for
my small kids at play.

Toni Morrison,
for revealing untold truths,
we owe a great debt.

Some Angry Haiku for July 2019


Current events couldn't help but make their way into cohost Andrew Huff's topical haiku at the July 2, 2019 show.

Once liberators,
now a nation that constructs
concentration camps.

Proud Americans
forget the reason we fought:
freedom from tyranny.

Independence Day
fails to live up to its name
while we still detain.


Patriotism is
rooting for women's soccer
to conquer England.

Topical Haiku for June 2019


Cohost Andrew Huff read a quartet of his trademark topical haiku at our show on June 4, 2019.

Hair always looks worst
the week before a haircut --
and best the day of.

If Trump's trade tariffs
don't destroy Midwest farmers,
maybe the floods will.

New abortion laws
put women's lives in danger.
How is that pro-life?

If you are threatened
by the concept of gay pride,
just how straight are you?

Topical Haiku for April 2019


The runoff election was weighing on cohost Andrew Huff ahead of our April show, which happened to fall on election night.

Mayor Preckwinkle
after today's election.
Or Mayor Lightfoot.

Either one will be
Chicago's first black woman
to become mayor.

The question remains:
will she be an improvement
over Rich and Rahm?

Lead in our water.
The City sent a savior:
a filter pitcher.

Tulips break the soil,
their thick green leaves welcoming
the coming of spring.

March 2019 Haiku


The 125th episode of Tuesday Funk happened to fall on Mardi Gras, and cohost Andrew Huff took that as inspiration for a couple of his topical haiku for the month.

Mardi Gras today!
Laissez les bon temps rouller!
Lent starts tomorrow.

What would you give up?
Me, a 40-day diet.
Reward is less me.

Que séra séra
Whatever will be, will be.
Record player skipped.

Now, I exhaled. Now.
Not tomorrow, not next week.
Now means this instant.

Fresh, Cold Haiku


Recent extreme weather was on cohost Andrew Huff's mind as he wrote his haiku for our February 5, 2019 show.

Thank you for coming
despite both an ice storm and
State of the Union.

Do cold toilet seats
sting less if your butt
is already cold?

Seventy degrees
from Thursday to Saturday.
Thanks, global warming.

He also shared a poem written with the assistance of Haikubes:

Our parallel dilemma:
What if we are following
behind the wrong one?

Haiku for a Cold December


Tuesday Funk cohost Andrew Huff read a few of his patented topical haiku at our December show.

Trump is "Tariff Man,"
erasing stock market gains
super-villain style.

Winter has arrived
on ragged wings: cold, spiteful,
fall warmth forgotten.

Holidays approach,
critics' best-of-the-year lists
dropping like snowflakes.

Time is relative.
Black Panther came out this year.
Feels so long ago.

Andrew's Haiku for November 2018


As fall entered its more wintry season, and as the tallies began to roll in on election night, Tuesday Funk cohost Andrew Huff shared these topical haiku.

If you did not vote,
you do not get to complain.
You are self-silenced.

Anger and despair
take equal space in my mind
as I read headlines.

A rainy fall day
Wet leaves stick to the sidewalk
Black skeletal trees

the squirrel builds its warm nest
to dream through winter.

And in honor of a couple of regular attendees' recent nuptials...

Brian and Laura
got married on Saturday.

Headache Haiku


Tuesday Funk cohost Andrew Huff had a headache that was going on two days when we got together on Oct. 2, and it made its presence known in his topical haiku.

What is there to do
when your head aches for two days
and your brain is fuzz?

It's not a migraine.
No light sensitivity,
just dull temple pain.

A Tylenol helps.
Caffeine does not. Does water? Perhaps.
It's dehydration.

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