Tuesday Funk : Haiku by Andrew

Haiku for October 2017


Tuesday Funk cohost Andrew Huff read a couple of quick haiku at the Andersonville Arts Week edition of the show.

Puerto Ricans are
U.S. citizens. We are
failing Americans.

Unexpected stain:
Where did this spot come from?
Was it last night's meal?

Autumn leaves clog drains,
turning streets into streams and
temporary ponds.

Andrew's Haiku for September, 2017


Cohost Andrew Huff had just a couple haiku for us this month. But they spoke well and succinctly to the topics of the previous couple weeks.

Familial dread:
Relative's email starts with:
Eff Double-You Dee.

Labor Day arrived,
summer and autumn looked up,
hugged, and switched seats.

Wildfires west and north,
massive hurricanes down south.
Climate change is real.

August 2017's Haiku by Andrew


Cohost Andrew Huff's patented topical haiku reflected the weird summer Chicago's been experiencing and his recent trip to New York.

Beautiful weather
always makes me suspicious
of what is coming.

Chicago may be
second city to New York,
but we have alleys.

Dodging mattresses,
boxes and other trash scuffs
the Big Apple's shine.

He also expressed his frustration with having to honor his promise not to write about the president:

Do you realize
how hard it is to ignore
the toddler in chief?

Warm Haiku for June


At the 106th edition of Tuesday Funk on June 6, covfefe cohost Andrew Huff read a handful of his patented topical haiku.

Pea tendrils each out
as warmer breezes arrive.
Gardens awaken.

"Pollen hurts my eyes"
doesn't sound very cool, so
I call it "tree sex."


Racists lament the
Confederate monuments
removed in NOLA.

What other cultures
insist on venerating
a war's losing side?


It's their second date.
Chance for a third hinges on
this awkward moment.

May Haiku by Andrew


Only two haiku this month, due to Andrew's busy schedule at the end of April.

Civic engagement:
People talking in a gym
about libraries.

Sometimes, lost in thought,
I pause after exhaling
and forget to breathe.

Haiku for April 2017


Cohost Andrew Huff's haiku for the 105th edition of Tuesday Funk covered a wide range of emotions.

This land was our land.
This house used to be a home.
Where did the love go?

It's so refreshing
for the Cubs to be back with
no talk of a curse.

The sun angles in.
A cat naps across my chest.
Eyelids grow heavy.

What remains after
a long but mild winter?
Dead leaves and plastic.

Spring. Like blossoms,
Jewel Monopoly chits
litter the sidewalk.

Haiku for a Warm February


Cohost Andrew Huff read a handful of haiku at February's Episode #102 of Tuesday Funk.

Lakeview at midnight:
a vomiting young woman
begs her friends to wait.

A cat in a crouch,
motionless but for its tail,
watches a laser.

Check out my tattoo!
Oh wait, it's under my sleeve.
I'll show you in spring.
(written by Kyle Thiessen)

A house divided
cannot stand. Especially
if it is on fire.

As Many Haiku as Degrees


It was cold outside for the January 3, 2017 edition of Tuesday Funk, so we cuddled Andrew Huff's topical haiku close for warmth.

is five syllables better
than 2016.

I vow that this year
fewer haiku will include
T. R. U. M. P.

Cold makes it winter
but it never feels right with
no snow on the ground.

Who is the dentist
who sold America on
teeth whiter than bone?

The stars dim slightly.
Millions of voices cried out,
"I love you." She knew.

A Century of Haiku in December


The December 6 edition of Tuesday Funk found us celebrating 100 episodes of the show at the cusp of a new political era and the edge of winter weather. Andrew Huff's haiku reflected that.

It's getting cold out.
Snow blankets the city streets.
Holidays are here.

May 2016
go down in history as
the end of fake news.

Now, post election,
Cubs winning the World Series
seems so long ago.

On November 8,
we learned a new scary term:
president elect.

Did you watch West World?
Such violent means to such
violent ends.

Haiku for November -- Go Cubs!


The November 1, 2016 episode of Tuesday Funk happened in the midst of so much news, Andrew's haiku had to cover a lot of ground.

Cubs in World Series!
Tinker and Evers and Chance
smile down from heaven.

Win so we never
have to hear about the curse
again after this.

One week from tonight
e'll know how the next years will be:
gridlock or fascist.

We'll either elect
our first female president
or our first Russian despot.

Monday Halloween.
Kids up late on a school night,
hunting sugar highs.

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