Video: Mary Robinette Kowal brings us the glamour

At our April 2nd edition, Mary Robinette Kowal brought us this magical excerpt from her new novel Without a Summer. And you'll want to watch all the way to the end because she brought shadow puppets too! And if you...  read

April debriefing (with shadow puppets!)

It was a packed room for this past Tuesday night's edition of Tuesday Funk at Hopleaf, which means the chances are pretty good you were there enjoying it all with a cold beer in your hand. But if not, let...  read

Video: For Halloween, a game of blind cat and mouse

Happy Halloween, Funkers! At our October 2nd horror program, The Colin & Ishmael Players brought us a Tuesday Funk first with their dramatic reading of "Colin and Ishmael in the Dark." You may need to turn the volume up a...  read

Reminder: Tuesday Funk #50 is tonight!

For our landmark 50th episode tonight at Hopleaf, your friends at Tuesday Funk bring you an evening layered with shivers and squirms, from the best horror writers Chicago has to offer. Our United States of Horror edition will feature John...  read

Tuesday Funk #43: March 6th

Our next event will take place Tuesday, March 6, 2012, and will include readings from John Everson, Robyn Pennacchia, Maggie Kast, Joe Weintraub, and Hallie Palladinoread

Video: Joe Weintraub investigates the screenwriter Henry Frank

If you missed our March 1st reading, Joe Weintraub has kindly allowed us to post a video excerpt from the excerpt of his performance piece "An Investigation into the Life of the Screenwriter, Henry Frank" from which he read that...  read
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