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Andrew's Haiku for May 2018


Spring was in the air and on cohost Andrew Huff's mind (among other things) at our May 1 show.

Seventy degrees
is most welcome in April
and late October.

Spring in Chicago,
and cats wait patiently for
windows to open.

Bill Cosby was brought
to justice after decades
for raping women.

Why is R. Kelly
still a working musician
despite all he did?

NRA bans guns
from its own pep rally, but
not from high school halls.

Andrew's Haiku for February


Cohost Andrew Huff read just a couple of haiku at the 113th edition of Tuesday Funk.

In February,
resolutions take root,
or fall in flurries.

It's so annoying
to be stood up by a friend.
Please be courteous.

Falcon Heavy flew
to space and back, carrying
Tesla branded junk.

As Many Haiku as Degrees


It was cold outside for the January 3, 2017 edition of Tuesday Funk, so we cuddled Andrew Huff's topical haiku close for warmth.

is five syllables better
than 2016.

I vow that this year
fewer haiku will include
T. R. U. M. P.

Cold makes it winter
but it never feels right with
no snow on the ground.

Who is the dentist
who sold America on
teeth whiter than bone?

The stars dim slightly.
Millions of voices cried out,
"I love you." She knew.

A Century of Haiku in December


The December 6 edition of Tuesday Funk found us celebrating 100 episodes of the show at the cusp of a new political era and the edge of winter weather. Andrew Huff's haiku reflected that.

It's getting cold out.
Snow blankets the city streets.
Holidays are here.

May 2016
go down in history as
the end of fake news.

Now, post election,
Cubs winning the World Series
seems so long ago.

On November 8,
we learned a new scary term:
president elect.

Did you watch West World?
Such violent means to such
violent ends.

Haiku for November -- Go Cubs!


The November 1, 2016 episode of Tuesday Funk happened in the midst of so much news, Andrew's haiku had to cover a lot of ground.

Cubs in World Series!
Tinker and Evers and Chance
smile down from heaven.

Win so we never
have to hear about the curse
again after this.

One week from tonight
e'll know how the next years will be:
gridlock or fascist.

We'll either elect
our first female president
or our first Russian despot.

Monday Halloween.
Kids up late on a school night,
hunting sugar highs.

A Trio of Haiku for October


Cohost Andrew Huff only wrote three haiku for the October 4, 2016 episode of Tuesday Funk, and they were really diverse.

VP candidates
are debating each other
right now. Yeah, who cares?

The crack of the bat,
the roar of the crowd. The Cubs
may go all the way.

A friend advised me,
"Answer your oldest email."
Instant stress relief.

Democratically Vetted Haiku


The parties' national conventions were on Andrew's mind as we got to the Aug. 2, 2016 edition of Tuesday Funk.

The Republican
National Convention
was all negative.

The Democratic
National Convention
presented some hope.

Belief in science
should not be controversial.
And yet here we are.

Patriotic Haiku for July


Andrew was in a political mood at the July 5, 2016 edition of Tuesday Funk.

Our nation's birthday,
favorite of nation's kids,
bane of nation's pets.

send puppies into panic
with sonic onslaught.

Trump and Hillary
give so much ammunition
to the other side.

Elitists hate Trump.
My mom still hates Hillary
because she kept Bill.

June Haiku by Andrew


Co-host Andrew Huff read a few topical haiku at the June 7, 2016 episode of Tuesday Funk -- including a couple dedicated to soon-to-be newlyweds Eden Robins and Kyle Thiessen (our videographer).

Pollen burns my eyes,
makes my throat sore, prompts a cough.
Still, glad it's not cold.

The best new name for
Tribune Online Content is
anything but tronc.

May wedded bliss be
a lifetime of adventure
with your beloved.

Mad Max: Fury Road
is now available on

May These Haiku Amuse You


The May 3rd edition of Tuesday Funk found co-host Andrew Huff mixing it up with his patented topical haiku.

Here, then it isn't.
Seventies, then cold again.
Spring can't get started.

Cool mist hangs above
a girl's soccer game Sunday.
Clouds of bugs waft by.

Twenty years with one
person, through life's ups and downs,
make for lasting love.

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