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Topical Haiku for April 2019


The runoff election was weighing on cohost Andrew Huff ahead of our April show, which happened to fall on election night.

Mayor Preckwinkle
after today's election.
Or Mayor Lightfoot.

Either one will be
Chicago's first black woman
to become mayor.

The question remains:
will she be an improvement
over Rich and Rahm?

Lead in our water.
The City sent a savior:
a filter pitcher.

Tulips break the soil,
their thick green leaves welcoming
the coming of spring.

Andrew's Haiku for November 2018


As fall entered its more wintry season, and as the tallies began to roll in on election night, Tuesday Funk cohost Andrew Huff shared these topical haiku.

If you did not vote,
you do not get to complain.
You are self-silenced.

Anger and despair
take equal space in my mind
as I read headlines.

A rainy fall day
Wet leaves stick to the sidewalk
Black skeletal trees

the squirrel builds its warm nest
to dream through winter.

And in honor of a couple of regular attendees' recent nuptials...

Brian and Laura
got married on Saturday.

Headache Haiku


Tuesday Funk cohost Andrew Huff had a headache that was going on two days when we got together on Oct. 2, and it made its presence known in his topical haiku.

What is there to do
when your head aches for two days
and your brain is fuzz?

It's not a migraine.
No light sensitivity,
just dull temple pain.

A Tylenol helps.
Caffeine does not. Does water? Perhaps.
It's dehydration.

Haiku for September, 2018


August's hot, sultry weather weighed heavily on cohost Andrew Huff's mind (and body) at the 120th episode of Tuesday Funk.

Right place at right time
for a free beer to make the
whiskey taste sweeter.

Languid summer night.
So hot the cat will not chase
a house centipede.

Jazz Fest Saturday,
and skies stay clear in honor
of Ramsey Lewis.

Late summer downpours
turn city streets to streams
and preempt picnics.

A Haiku Tribute


Cohost Andrew Huff's grandmother passed away in May at 97. His haiku at the June show were a remembrance of her.

My grandmother died
having lived in two countries:
Italy and here.

She immigrated
at 8, speaking no English,
to near Taylor Street.

No one in her class
would speak to her -- none except
a little black boy.

She left Taylor Street
and then Austin, in white flight,
for "safe" Mount Prospect.

In Arizona,
widowed, Fox News her comfort,
she never forgot.

Racism, fear, hate
melted away when she thought
of that kind black boy.

Andrew's Haiku for May 2018


Spring was in the air and on cohost Andrew Huff's mind (among other things) at our May 1 show.

Seventy degrees
is most welcome in April
and late October.

Spring in Chicago,
and cats wait patiently for
windows to open.

Bill Cosby was brought
to justice after decades
for raping women.

Why is R. Kelly
still a working musician
despite all he did?

NRA bans guns
from its own pep rally, but
not from high school halls.

Andrew's Haiku for April 2018


Cohost Andrew Huff gave us five topical haiku on April 3, 2018.

Spring in Chicago.
Don't like the weather? Just wait.
It will change again.

Loyola Ramblers
reminded Chicagoans
how school spirit looks.

When the internet
is vital to normal life,
who runs the country?

Easter, Passover
April Fool's, all on one day.
What is this, a joke?

We must persevere.
Hold the line until we can
vote the bastards out.

Andrew's Haiku for March


Cohost Andrew Huff read a few haiku at the March episode of Tuesday Funk.

Neither snow nor rain
nor dark of night will deter
our president's tweets.

My first phone number:
Do you recall yours?

It is hard to have
Mardi Gras followed closely
by Valentine's Day.

Hollywood will be
better for knowing the words
"inclusion rider."

Andrew's Haiku for February


Cohost Andrew Huff read just a couple of haiku at the 113th edition of Tuesday Funk.

In February,
resolutions take root,
or fall in flurries.

It's so annoying
to be stood up by a friend.
Please be courteous.

Falcon Heavy flew
to space and back, carrying
Tesla branded junk.

Haiku for a New Year


At the 112th episode of Tuesday Funk, cohost Andrew Huff read a couple of his signature topical haiku.

Last year I promised
no haiku about Donald.
Now all bets are off.

Polar Plunge canceled
due to record-breaking cold.
Keep your clothes on, kids.

Dry air and knit caps
mean styling is pointless and
bad hair de rigeur.

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