Reading # 33

April debriefing

I know we say this every month, but if you missed Tuesday Funk #33 last night, you may have missed our strongest evening of readings yet. The rapt audience last night was treated to Lisa Chalem's hilarious and touching reminiscence...  read

Reminder: Tuesday Funk #33 is tonight!

"Quiet on the set! Three ... two ... one ... and we're rolling." Hello, Chicago, and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Funk, the monthly series where we bring you the writers we want to hear read live! Today is...  read

Meet Our Readers: William Shunn

William Shunn was born in Los Angeles, raised near Salt Lake City, and lived for many years in New York City before landing in Chicago with his wife and dog in 2007. This completes his collection of U.S. continental time...  read

Meet Our Readers: Ian Belknap

Ian Belknap is a Chicago writer/performer who is the host/curator/Overlord of WRITE CLUB, the nation's premiere competitive philanthropic readings series, monthly at the Hideout. He also serves as the Fact Checker in The Encyclopedia Show, monthly at the Vittum Theater,...  read

Meet Our Readers: J.H. Palmer

J.H. Palmer is a secret writer who has lived in Chicago since pretty much forever. Her writing has appeared in Gapers Block, Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, Babble, and Christopher Street.  Her superpowers include the ability to name any song that aired...  read

Meet Our Readers: Robert K. Elder

Robert K. Elder is a journalist, author, film columnist and a regional editor of AOL's in Chicago. Pulitzer-winner Studs Terkel calls Elder "a journalist in the noblest tradition" in his introduction to Elder's book, Last Words of the Executed....  read

Meet Our Readers: Lisa Chalem

Lisa Chalem has loved writing since childhood when she and her best friend wrote a three page screenplay about two friends who realize fame and fortune as world renowned disco dancers. Her blog, Feel the Love. Eat the Food, chronicles...  read

Tuesday Funk welcomes Robert K. Elder to the April 5th lineup

Hey, Funkers, we're delighted to welcome author and journalist Robert K. Elder to our April 5th lineup. Rob's upcoming book is It Was Over When...: True Tales of Romantic Dead Ends. He discussed his previous effort, The Film That Changed...  read

Tuesday Funk #33: April 5th

Our next event, Tuesday, April 5, 2011, features readings from Robert K. Elder, Ian Belknap, J.H. Palmer, Lisa Chalem, and William Shunnread
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