January 2014

Meet Our Readers: Amelia Beamer

Amelia Beamer writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels & stories and has spent the past few years in the UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, Ireland, and Iceland. She is the author of The Loving Dead, the number two zombie novel...  read

Meet Our Readers: Chuck Sudo

Born and raised on Chicago's Northwest side, Chuck Sudo has called Bridgeport home for nearly 15 years and has written for the popular local website Chicagoist for nearly nine years--the last three-plus as editor-in-chief. His writing has appeared in the...  read

Meet Our Readers: Tom Underberg

Tom Underberg writes speculative fiction and raises children. He can often be found photographing bricks, sidewalks and manhole covers for a blog on overlooked infrastructure. Before Tom's children were born he worked at less demanding jobs in software and consulting....  read

Meet Our Readers: Cameron McGill

Cameron McGill is a Chicago-based singer and songwriter. He recently released his sixth album, Gallows Etiquette. The album was funded via a PledgeMusic.com campaign; a percentage of funds raised will support Rock For Kids, a charity which provides instruments and...  read

Video: Davis Schneiderman tastes blood

Author Davis Schneiderman read his first 30 tweets ever, then shared a harrowing and funny tale of taking care of his father, who has brain cancer, December 3rd edition of Tuesday Funk. If you liked that, you'll love our next...  read

Meet Our Readers: Mare Swallow

Mare Swallow is the founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Writers Conference, an organization that exists to connect writers to publishing professionals...and each other! CWC will feature a Self-Publishing Workshop in March. She is also a professional speaker and...  read

Tuesday Funk #66: February 4, 2014

Warm yourself by the fire of literary passion at the February edition of Tuesday Funk. The roster will feature Mare Swallow, Cameron McGill, Tom Underberg, Amelia Beamer and Chuck Sudo. We'll also have a round of Haiku by Andrew, a...  read

Andrew Huff Warms January with Haiku

At the January 7 edition of Tuesday Funk, co-host Andrew Huff read his trademark topical haiku to help warm the crowd. The Polar Vortex turned Chicago into tundra. Thank you for coming. Holidays always get insane. Here's to good cheer...  read

January Debriefing

After nearly 48 hours of Arctic windchills, we certainly weren't expecting a standing-room-only event, but that was what we got! Spectacular turnout for the first Tuesday Funk of 2014, and some spectacular readers to boot. Christopher Sweet started us off...  read

Reminder: Tuesday Funk #65 is tonight!

Don't forget--tonight is Tuesday Funk's 65th episode, featuring Kelly Swails, Christopher Sweet, Christa Desir, Jasmine Davila, and Ryan Bartelmay! Don't miss it! Unless you have the flu, in which case -- miss it! But know that we will miss you....  read
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