December 2013

Video: Rosamund Lannin recalls a key Halloween

At the November 5th edition of Tuesday Funk, Rosamund Lannin shared the story of a seminal Halloween costume and the myths and origin stories of family. And if you enjoyed that, please come out to our next show on Tuesday,...  read

Meet Our Readers: Ryan Bartelmay

Ryan Bartelmay graduated from the University of Iowa in 1998, where he was a member of the Undergraduate Writer's Workshop, and then went on to Columbia University to receive an MFA in fiction writing in 2005. His debut novel, Onward...  read

Andrew Huff shares December haiku

At the December 2013 edition of Tuesday Funk, co-host Andrew Huff read some of his patented seasonal haiku ...tinged with a little sadness. O'Hare and Midway I-90 and toll roads, packed with travelers. Football on TV, Black Friday shopping plans...  read

Meet Our Readers: Jasmine Davila

Jasmine Davila started her first blog in 2000, and has been over-sharing on the internet ever since. She is a contributor for Gapers Block, the greatest Chicago-centric blog that ever blogged, and Asian pop culture blog Jasmine has read...  read

Meet Our Readers: Christa Desir

Christa Desir writes dark contemporary fiction for young adults. Her first book, Fault Line, came out this fall. Her second book, Bleed Like Me, is due out in October 2014. She lives with her husband, three small children, and overly...  read

Meet Our Readers: Christopher Sweet

Christopher Sweet worked in education for many years. He is one of those schoolers who has two advanced degrees - an MA in English and an MSJ from a now-defunct "School of Journalism." He learned to write in the Fiction...  read

Meet Our Readers: Kelly Swails

Kelly Swails is a writer and editor who pays the bills by editing an online scientific journal. Her short fiction has appeared in several anthologies including Coins of Chaos and Boondocks Fantasy. She relocated to Chicago this past summer and...  read

Tuesday Funk #65: January 7, 2014

Our next event takes place Tuesday, January 7, 2014, with readings by Ryan Bartelmay, Kelly Swails, Christa Desir, Jasmine Davila, and Christopher Sweet.  read

Video: William Shunn shows us Idaho's highs and lows

In his final appearance as a Tuesday Funk co-host, author William Shunn read an excerpt from his novelette “After the Earthquake a Fire,” a story of mice, missionaries, and misery set in the northern Idaho of the 1980s: If you...  read

Video: James Kennedy drops us onto Mars!

At our October reading, James Kennedy delivered the rousing first chapter of his new novel The Magnificent Moots. If you were there, you know it was a multimedia marvel and a technological triumph. If not, well, feast your eyes and...  read
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