July 2011

Meet Our Readers: Jerry Schwartz

Jerry Schwartz is the author of Pixels of Young Mueller, a coming-of-age tale published in 2010 by All Things That Matter Press. The book is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition, and you can visit Jerry's website at...  read

Meet Our Readers: Julie Rosenthal

Julie Rosenthal is a freelance writer in Chicago. She draws ideas for her stories from the encyclopedia articles she writes for Salem Press . Her fiction has been recognized by ChiZine and has appeared in Columbia College Chicago's 2011 Story...  read

Meet Our Readers: Sondra Morin

Sondra Morin is a small town New Englander at heart and a longtime proponent of DIY publishing and collaboration. Last year she self-released a poetry chapbook, Inviting the Expanse, under the newly conceptualized Radical Snail Press. Her poems and short stories have appeared, or are...  read

Meet Our Readers: Tegan Jones

Tegan Jones has been writing professionally for the last 5 years. Trained as a journalist, she has published articles about business trends, environmental issues, travel destinations and many other topics too boring to list here. She currently works as a...  read

Meet Our Readers: Karen Skalitzky

Karen Skalitzky is the author of A Recipe for Hope: Stories of Transformation by People Struggling with Homelessness (ACTA Publications, 2006). The book was inspired by the men and women she met volunteering at Inspiration Café. An educator by trade,...  read

Meet Our Readers: Eden M. Robins

In the grand tradition of underemployed artists, Eden M. Robins has been: a singing waitress, a dildo salesman, a dental assistant, an abortion clinic receptionist, a blowjob instructor, a travel writer, a pelvic model, and a Swahili teacher. She wrote...  read

Video: Brenda Cooper ejects us from the garden

And we'll bring our July videofest to a stirring close with this short story from acclaimed writer Brenda Cooper, who joined us at our mike in June... Be sure to join us on Tuesday, August 2, 7:30 pm upstairs at...  read

Video: Sarah K. Castle stalks the mutant stag

Our August reading is coming up fast, and there's no better way to get in the right frame of mind than with videos from past event. This story from June, Sarah K. Castle's chilling encounter with "The Mutant Stag at...  read

Video: William Shunn probes the lunar night

Next up in our July videofest is this short poem from Funk co-host William Shunn, "The Lunar Night, Chicago"... And be sure to join us on Tuesday, August 2, 7:30 pm upstairs at Hopleaf, for six more great readers, including...  read

Video: Vincent Jorgensen's dog days

Were we cracking wise a few days ago about dogs? Well, we take it all back. Feast your eyes and ears on this June reading from Vincent Jorgensen, with the opening from novel-in-progress Pood!e. Dog days indeed! And be sure...  read
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