Reading # 83

In the Heat of the Haiku

The July 7 edition of Tuesday Funk brought an eclectic medley of performers and haiku by co-host Andrew Huff, as well as a selected poem by someone on Twitter. No more gay marriage. It's just plain old marriage now. So...  read

Reminder: Tuesday Funk #83 is tonight!

Got plans? Cancel them and come to Tuesday Funk! Tonight we've got the likes of Erin Watson, Norman Doucet, Lily Be, Fred Sasaki, and co-host Eden Robins... who will also be hosting, as always, with the dashing Andrew Huff. Our...  read

Meet Our Readers: Norman Doucet

Norman Doucet hails from the den of the southern rebellion, Charleston, South Carolina. Influenced by the duality that exists there, he made some interesting decisions, starting with attending the college--founded after a slave revolt--which also has the dubious distinction of...  read

Meet Our Readers: Lily Be

Lily Be is a momma, a nanny, and storyteller. She's a wise Mexican badass from Humboldt Park, Chicago. You can hear her tells stories everywhere and anywhere. Lily is a Moth GrandSLAM champion and the host and producer of her...  read

Meet Our Readers: Eden Robins

In the grand tradition of underemployed artists, Eden Robins has been: a singing waitress, a dildo salesman, a dental assistant, an abortion clinic receptionist, a blowjob instructor, a travel writer, a pelvic model, and a Swahili teacher. She's had some...  read

Meet Our Readers: Fred Sasaki

Fred Sasaki is art director for Poetry magazine and a gallery curator for the Poetry Foundation. He also co-founded Homeroom Chicago's "School Night" info show in which artists and professionals talk about big things in slant ways in front of...  read

Meet Our Readers: Erin Watson

Erin Watson is a Southern person living in Chicago. Her poems appear in Anthology of Chicago and in the self-published chapbooks No Experiences, Instax Winter, and Nickels. Her poetry criticism appears on the Volta Blog. She was a finalist for...  read

Tuesday Funk #83: July 7, 2015

Cool yourself with a beer and Tuesday Funk in July as we welcome guests Erin Watson, Fred Sasaki, Norman Doucet and Lily Be -- plus cohost Eden Robins with a full-length piece -- for your favorite eclectic monthly reading series....  read
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