Reading # 59

Video: Andrew Huff pulls one over on his readers

At our July 2nd edition of Tuesday Funk, co-host Andrew Huff treated us to a series of fake cultural reviews culled from the pages of Gapers Block, and it sounded eerily similar to this... And if you liked that, you...  read

Video: Kendra Stevens proves she's scrappy

At our July 2nd edition of Tuesday Funk, Kendra Stevens brought us back to her childhood in her delightful personal essay "Emily Olsen's Face, Meet My Fist," and it sounded a little like this... And if you enjoyed that, please...  read

Video: Andrew Huff rips haiku from the headlines

At our July 2nd edition of Tuesday Funk, co-host Andrew Huff delivered another fistful of his signature topical—but not tropical—haiku: Some lucky people are a haiku on their own. Eden M. Robins. This rain will not stop. Our homes will...  read

Video: Bill Breedlove puts an adorable puppet through hell

At our July 2nd edition of Tuesday Funk, Bill Breedlove read his short story "Missus Mojo" to a disbelieving crowd, and it sounded just a bit like this... And if you enjoyed that, please join us at 7:30 pm on...  read

Video: William Shunn visits a Coney Island of the mind

At our July 2nd edition of Tuesday Funk, our monthly Poem by Bill, "Coney Island Lifeguard Blues," brought to life a scene from our co-host's new home in New York City, and it went a little like this... And if...  read

Video: Daniel Kraus introduces a trio of tenacious toys

At our July 2nd edition of Tuesday Funk, Daniel Kraus did what he swore he'd never do, and gave a reading from his latest novel, Scowler. Our audience that evening was fortunate indeed, and what they heard sounded a little...  read

July debriefing

It was standing room only for last week's edition of Tuesday Funk at Hopleaf, and the delighted crowd alternately sobbed with laughter, groaned in revulsion, and wept into their beers. It was as fine a Funk as you can imagine,...  read

Reminder: Tuesday Funk #59 is tonight!

Don't forget—tonight is Tuesday Funk's 59th episode, featuring Bill Breedlove, Eden M. Robins, Andrew Huff, Kendra Stevens, and the only public reading from Scowler by Daniel Kraus. Don't miss it! Our readings take place at Hopleaf Bar, 5148 N. Clark...  read

Meet Our Readers: Andrew Huff

Andrew Huff is editor and publisher of Gapers Block, a Chicago-centric news and events webzine he co-founded in 2003. A serial early adopter, Huff created his first webpage in 1996; launched his personal blog,, in 2001; and joined both...  read

Meet Our Readers: Eden M. Robins

In the grand tradition of underemployed artists, Eden M. Robins has been: a singing waitress, a dildo salesman, a dental assistant, an abortion clinic receptionist, a blowjob instructor, a travel writer, a pelvic model, and a Swahili teacher. She's had...  read
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