February 2020

Meet Our Readers: James Gordon

James Gordon is a Champion Storyteller, having won the Moth Grand Slam twice and the Story Slam 19 times, as well as a critically acclaimed actor who is a recurring character on two series on Amazon (The G and New...  read

Meet Our Readers: Devorah Heitner

Devorah Heitner writes memoir essays that you can find in places like Longreads and the Washington Post and books like Black Power TV. Please join Devorah and our other amazing readers on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 in the upstairs bar...  read

Meet Our Readers: Stuti Sharma

Stuti Sharma is an immigrant artist, stand up comic, clumsy poet, and educator based in Chicago. She's a poet in residence with the Chicago Poetry Center. She is a Leo sun, Virgo moon and only trust restaurants where the cooks...  read

Meet Our Readers: Tom Haley

Tom Haley is the recipient of 2019's Best American Writers Over 40 But Under 44 Living in North Central Albany Park, which is not a real award. He has worked as a writing teacher, copywriter, and book critic, and is...  read

Tuesday Funk #137: March 3, 2020

March is just around the corner, which is just madness. The weeks are going by so fast, and before you know it, it'll be second winter here in Chicago! Well, anyway, join us in the upstairs lounge at Hopleaf on...  read

February 2020 Debrief

The 136th edition of Tuesday Funk on Feb. 4 was another jam-packed room full of attentive audience members listening to fantastic readers! We're always grateful to have such open and engaged crowds. Lindsay Porter started us off with an abecedarius...  read

Tuesday Funk #136 is tonight!

Show your indomitable Chicago spirit by trudging out in the (choose one:) snow/below-zero temps/gray drizzle/slush to see some awesome live lit! We've got: Kelly Swails, Ananda Lima, Lindsay Porter, Jessi D, and Kendra Stevens. Andrew Huff and Eden Robins cohost...  read

Meet Our Readers: Lindsay Porter

Lindsay Porter has told stories with Loose Chicks, Upright Citizens Brigade, Miss Spoken, Tellin' Tales, TenX, True Story and Story Sessions. She teaches storytelling in schools, hospitals, and jails. She recently started doing stand up comedy, and has performed with...  read

Meet Our Readers: Jessi D

Jessi D hails from the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, which is just as bad as it sounds. She packed her car with her belongings and cat and made the drive to Chicago in the miserably humid summer of 2011 and...  read
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