Reading # 53 | Tuesday Funk

Reading # 53

Video: William Shunn takes us inside the Mormon temple

In recognition of tomorrow's LDS General Conference in Salt Lake City, we're pleased to share William Shunn's reading from our January 1st episode. His personal essay "The Fanatic on the Street" took us on an intimate tour through the secrets...  read

Video: Christopher Sweet jumps worlds with Marilyn Monroe

At our January 1st edition of Tuesday Funk, Christopher Sweet took us on a satirical journey through a world of sex, money, religion, and celebrity, and besides sounding a lot like our world it sounded a little like this... And...  read

Video: Sondra Morin serenades Chicago in verse

At our January 1st edition of Tuesday Funk, Sondra Morin read us some of her powerful poetry, and it sounded a little like this... And if you enjoyed that, please join us at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013,...  read

Video: Julie Ganey communes with the fairies

At our January 1st edition of Tuesday Funk, Julie Ganey brought us a charming true tale of fantasy, wonder, and fairies. Julie's essay "When the Fairies Came" appears in the new 2nd Story anthology Briefly Knocked Unconscious by a Low-Flying...  read

Video: Andrew Huff gives us "Directions Home"

At our January 1st edition of Tuesday Funk earlier this week, Gapers Block editor Andrew Huff took us for a drive down Memory Lane, and it went a little like this... And if you enjoyed that, please join us at...  read

January debriefing

Our next event, our Not Your Parents' Valentine's Day Edition, will take place Tuesday, February 5, 2013, and will include readings from Mary Pat Bohan, John Everson, Gina Frangello, Hanna Martine, and Patricia Ann McNair.  read

Beer pairings for tonight's reading!

Happy New Year! As if you didn't already have reason enough to show up for this evening's 53rd episode of Tuesday Funk, the Chicago Sun-Times today gives you one more. Featured in today's Entertainment section is an article by David...  read

Reminder: Tuesday Funk #53 is tonight!

Don't forget, Tuesday Funk has the cure for your New Year's Day hangover—a little hair of the dog, and five great anodynic acts of live literature! We're pleased to kick off the year with the next in our series of...  read

Meet Our Readers: William Shunn

Besides serving as co-host of Tuesday Funk, William Shunn slinks through life as the lesser-known secret identity of hard-edged cult pulp fiction author Perry Slaughter. Mr. Slaughter, or so the story goes, first came to prominence in the mid-1980's with...  read

Meet Our Readers: Christopher Sweet

Christopher Sweet, a returning Tuesday Funk reader, studied writing in the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College, Chicago, and is obsessed with problems of historiography, time, quantum stuff, and anything else that hasn't been totally monetized. Hear Chris and the...  read
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