Reading # 46

Video: Alex Shakar shows us the way to enlightenment

At our June Tuesday Funk reading, author Alex Shakar (who had the unenviable task of following Samantha Irby) read us a spellbinding passage from his L.A. Times Book Prize-winning novel Luminarium, and it sounded a little like this: And if...  read

June debriefing

Our latest edition of Tuesday Funk at Hopleaf was a real humdinger. Were our audience members trying to hold onto their dinners because they were laughing so hard, or was there some other reason? If you weren't there, I'm afraid,...  read

Reminder: Tuesday Funk #46 is tonight!

You can chalk it up to the beautiful weather, but tonight at Hopleaf for our 46th episode, your friends at Tuesday Funk are bringing you our most dynamic lineup of all time. Believe it. This stellar evening will feature Alex...  read

Meet Our Readers: Samantha Irby

Samantha Irby writes dick jokes on the internet. Find them at and  read

Meet Our Readers: Kristin Lueke

Kristin Lueke once lived in Southern California for 17 years in a row, if you can believe it. Her poems have been published in NAP, Untoward Magazine, the Acentos Review, and elsewhere. Her first chapbook, (in)Different Math, is forthcoming this...  read

Meet Our Readers: Alex Shakar

Alex Shakar's latest novel, Luminarium, was this year's winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction. It was also named a Notable Book of the year by The Washington Post, an Editor's Choice by The New York Times,...  read

Meet Our Readers: Jennifer Schaefer

Jennifer Schaefer was born in nineteen seventy-something in Waukegan. She grew up in Illinois and Wisconsin, but spent her roaring twenties in London, where she lived in youth hostels, an assortment of squalid flats, a rundown old pub, and worked...  read

Meet Our Readers: Dion Walton

Originally a theater performer for 25 years, Dion Walton has been writing for the past 10. He's a published writer, OUR LEGACIES (Writings from Chicago's Older Gay Men), a singer, and an artist that has presented artwork in art galleries...  read

Tuesday Funk #46: June 5th

Our next event will take place Tuesday, June 5, 2012, and will include readings from Samantha Irby, Kristin Lueke, Dion Walton, Jennifer Schaefer, and L.A. Times Book Award winner Alex Shakar.  read

Tuesday Funk congratulates Alex Shakar!

Tuesday Funk sends its heartiest congratulations to Chicago's own Alex Shakar, whose novel Luminarium was awarded the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for fiction this past Friday evening! Alex will be joining us on June 5th to read from Luminarium,...  read
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