October 2013

Video: John Everson will put you off pumpkin pie forever (NSFW)

Happy Halloween! Tuesday Funk is pleased to ruin both this fine holiday and your upcoming Thanksgiving as well with this tasty tale from John Everson, who stopped by our microphone to treat us with this trick way back in October...  read

Meet Our Readers: Paul McComas & Greg Starrett

Paul McComas is the author of two novels, two short-story collections, and a novella. His book Unforgettable: Harrowing Futures, Horrors, & (Dark) Humor (2011, Walkabout Publishing) won a Silver Prize at the 2012 Midwest Book Awards. His next novel, Logan's...  read

Meet Our Readers: John Rich

John Rich is predominantly a writer of plays and essays. He earned an MFA in Writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he teaches creativity in the Continuing Studies program. He is a recipient of the...  read

Meet Our Readers: Vojislav Pejović

Vojislav Pejović is a neuroscientist by training and earns his living as a medical writer. In 2008 he published a novel, The Life and Death of Milan Junak, in his native Montenegro, and in 2010 translations of Charles Simić's poetry...  read

Meet Our Readers: Rosamund Lannin

The product of nine years in San Francisco and eight years in St. Paul, Rosamund Lannin is pleasantly surprised to have lived in Chicago for almost a decade. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago's Creative Writing program, she has been...  read

J.H. Palmer joins our November 5th lineup!

In latebreaking news, we're pleased to announce that Tuesday Funk veteran J.H. Palmer will join our November 5th program, replacing Joseph "Joe the Cop" O'Sullivan, who was caught in a scheduling conflict. Joe will be back at a future date,...  read

Video: Andrew Huff pulls one over on his readers

At our July 2nd edition of Tuesday Funk, co-host Andrew Huff treated us to a series of fake cultural reviews culled from the pages of Gapers Block, and it sounded eerily similar to this... And if you liked that, you...  read

Video: Lania Knight walks us through the fire

At our September 3rd edition of Tuesday Funk, Lania Knight brought us a powerful and evocative recounting of childbirth that sounded quite a lot like this... And if you liked that, you won't want to miss our next event, which...  read

Video: Aleksandar Hemon brings that old John Wayne joke to life

At our September 3rd edition of Tuesday Funk, Aleksandar Hemon read us a section from his work-in-progress "The Making of Zombie Wars," and it sounded a little like this... And if you liked that, you won't want to miss our...  read

Tuesday Funk #63: November 5, 2013

Our next event takes place Tuesday, November 5, 2013, with readings by Paul McComas & Greg Starrett, Vojislav Pejovic, J.H. Palmer, John Rich, and Rosamund Lannin.  read
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