Meet Our Readers: Reinhardt Suarez

When not slowly going insane, Reinhardt Suarez writes, edits, and teaches video game writing at the Loft Literary Center in downtown Minneapolis. He is also a member of the Chicago-based band The Pork Chop Express—this he does simultaneously with going insane to save time.

Most recently, Reinhardt co-authored a story with Angela Veronica Wong, illustrated by Christine Norrie, for Secret Identities Vol. 2: Shattered, an Asian-American graphic novel anthology. In late December of 2012, he released The Green Ray of the Sun, a young adult novel with an original music album composed by Wes Alexander. The bulk of his published work, however, is forever enmeshed in texts authored by other, more illustrious names. He'd like you to know that he's reasonably okay with this. Reasonably.

Keep track of his hijinks at

Please join Reinhardt and all our outstanding readers on Tuesday, April 2, upstairs at Hopleaf at 7:30 pm. This 21-and-older-only event is free.  

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