Meet Our Readers: James Finn Garner

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James Finn Garner is best known as the author of the international best-seller, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, which sold more than 2 million copies in the US and was translated into 25 languages. He has been published in Chicago Magazine, Playboy, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and TV Guide, and has been heard on NPR and the BBC. A veteran performer, he has recently read at The Paper Machete, Write Club, That's All She Wrote, Essay Fiesta and Reading Under the Influence. His current project is the seminal clown noir mystery trilogy starring Rex Koko, Private Clown: Honk Honk My Darling, Double Indignity and The Wet Nose of Danger. Babes! Bullets! Banana peels! For more dope, check out, pally.

Please join James and all our other wise guy readers on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, upstairs at Hopleaf at 7:30 pm. This 21-and-older event is free.  

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