September debriefing

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Just like we mourn the passing of summer, so we will mourn the moving of our bartender Mark... to the Twin Cities. Tuesday Funk #85 was his last show with us, so in honor of his tenure, we drank extra hard. We also had some stellar readers!

Brian Heath started us off with a heartbreaking story about the passing of his father, and then David Daskal shared a dark excerpt from his novel about a teenaged girl who cuts herself. In a change of tone, Amanda Claire Buckley gave us a warm and humorous retelling of the Virgin Mary's story, set in present-day New York.

We drowned our sorrows in our final beers from Mark.

After intermission, cohost Andrew Huff enlightened us on current events in haiku form, and then Paul Dailing told a story about the annoyances and benefits of being colorblind. Finally, Jill Howe treated us to BOTH entries from her high school diary and a song about The Crucible, sung to the tune of Alanis Morrissette's "Ironic" and played on a ukulele.

Oh what a night. Won't you join us next month? Tuesday Funk #86 on October 6 will feature Jen Masengarb, Coya Paz, Lori Rader-Day, Carly Oishi, and Tom Haley!  

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