February 2019 Debrief

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February showed its teeth on the night of the first Tuesday Funk in 2019 (we took January off because the first Tuesday of the month was the first of the year, remember?), with a warning of freezing rain rattling the city. The freezing rain didn't arrive in Andersonville that night, and plenty of intrepid folks made it to Hopleaf to see their favorite eclectic monthly reading series.

We started the night with Mike Puican, whose insightful and often funny poems put is in the right mood. Next, Jasmine Davila shared an essay connecting celebrity crushes and personal illness. Then cohost Eden Robins read an excerpt from her unpublished novel.

We took a minute to drink it all in and refill our glasses with Leah behind the bar.

Unfortunately, the weather was worse in the suburbs, which resulted in reader Sahar Mustafah having to cancel, but cohost Andrew Huff gamely stepped in to read a short piece of fiction instead, in addition to a couple of topical haiku. (We'll be seeing Sahar later in the year instead.) And last but not least, Molia Dumbleton shared two short pieces selected by her teenage daughter.

If the weather warnings scared you away, you'll have another chance to see Tuesday Funk on March 5, when we'll feature readings by Kelly Swails, Lindsay Eanet, Robbie Q Telfer, Tracy Harford-Porter and Faisal Mohyuddin. Hope to see you there!  

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