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Video: Jesse Jordan makes an uncomfortable call

At our August Tuesday Funk reading, author Jesse Jordan read us a captivating excerpt from his new novel Gospel Hollow, and it went a little like this... And if you enjoyed that, please join us on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012,...  read

Video: William Shunn hitches a ride to Mars

At our August Tuesday Funk reading, co-host William Shunn reminisced about space exploration past and present, and it went a little bit this... And if you enjoyed that journey through and time, please join us on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012,...  read

Tuesday Funk #48, "Chicago Post-Worldcon Science Fiction Spectacular": September 4th

Our next event, our Chicago Post-Worldcon Science Fiction Spectacular, will take place Tuesday, September 4, 2012, and will include readings from Daryl Gregory, Rae Carson, Gregory A. Wilson, Adam Rakunas, and Rajan Khanna.  read

August debriefing

Every episode of Tuesday Funk at Hopleaf seems to feature some emergent, unintended theme, and Tuesday night's show was no exception. The major theme seemed to be old men, with subthemes of brown liquor and Martian exploration. But let's not...  read

Reminder: Tuesday Funk #47 is tonight!

For our 47th amazing episode tonight at Hopleaf, your friends at Tuesday Funk are bringing you layer upon layer of the best writers Chicago has to offer. This stellar evening will feature Scott Smith, Holly McDowell, Jesse Jordan, Sara Ross...  read

Video: Alex Shakar shows us the way to enlightenment

At our June Tuesday Funk reading, author Alex Shakar (who had the unenviable task of following Samantha Irby) read us a spellbinding passage from his L.A. Times Book Prize-winning novel Luminarium, and it sounded a little like this: And if...  read

Meet Our Readers: Jesse Jordan

Jesse Jordan is a writer and editor currently living in the suburbs of Chicago. He is an MFA graduate of Columbia College and a member of Reading Under the Influence (a monthly series which you can see tonight at Sheffield's)....  read
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