September debriefing

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Hey, if you weren't at Hopleaf this week for Tuesday Funk, you missed a good 'un, a real good 'un. 12-point buck good, in fact.

We had Carissa DiGiovanni reading us poems, Noreen Natale telling us amusing stories, and Naomi Buck Palagi on a return visit to read us more poems. After a break for beer and a downer of a 9/11 poem from co-host William Shunn, we had a rip-snorter of an excerpt from Edison A. Blake's recent novel, and a wild selection of prose from A D Jameson (not to mention plenty of audible gasps from the audience). And the elk? The elk was present only in our hearts.

In fine, it was a spirited and challenging kickoff to our fall season, which will continue on October 4th with the work of Erin Shea Smith, Liz Baudler, CP Chang, zombie fiction by Matthew Darst, and a sci-fi baseball story from William Shunn. It's a veritable Oktoberfest of good stuff, so next time take careful aim because you won't want to miss your shot.  

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