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January debriefing


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Whether it's out of genuine love for the Funk or the result of New Years resolutions, our January show is always packed to the gills! And what a great show it was! Christopher Sweet started us off with an excerpt from his novel about a boy just trying to make sense of mid-century America... and who is also a balloon. Next up, Chuck Sudo read a strange-but-true story of his childhood spent scamming Columbia House Records and mingling with religious zealots. Then co-host Eden Robins, in a little switcheroo, read some haiku, and Lori Rader-Day closed out the half with an excerpt from her new novel Little Pretty Things, a mystery set in a roadside motel in northern Indiana.

Whodunit? Well, if you're asking about pouring beer, the answer is Jason, our bartender!

After intermission, co-host Andrew Huff read a micro-essay about being part of Gen X... an article he had written in 1996. Then Robert O'Connor told a story about a four-day, many-hundreds of miles trip he took for a piano audition at Oberlin. Finally, Mare Swallow gave a multi-media presentation all about the many benefits of the celebrity crush.

Don't give up those resolutions now! We're going to have another show - Tuesday Funk #90 (!!) on February 2. See you there!

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